The Dobbin House

1130 Kensington Road NW

In 1999 The Dobbin Group undertook an extensive refurbishing of the 1130 building – from a two-story ‘box’ to a three-story Victorian style showpiece. The exterior is finished with wood and stucco and highlighted with river rock and custom-made iron works.

The new building was named The Dobbin House and is home to many businesses. Office space on the third floor hosts the offices of The Dobbin Group, Ramage & Co, Ferguson Psychological Services, Taviston Inc. and Lift Psychology. Storefronts include our tenants Satsuki, Manana and The Naked Leaf. 


Building History

This U-shaped office block, built by contractor Cart Albert Linquist in 1949-50, was a late addition to Kensington’s commercial strip. It has housed a variety of medical and professional offices, as well as a detective agency and the Austrian Consulate. Local developer Chris Dobbin acquired the building in 1979 and renamed it Dobbin House.

A 1999 alteration expanded the building to two storeys and brought a lost piece of Calgary’s heritage to public view: The brass chandelier that now graces the main entrace hung originally in Henry Birks and Son’s downton jewelry store at 314 – 8 Avenue SW from 1929 until the building was demolished in 1975. The glass ball – actually two glass bowls held together by a frame – has turned lilac from age and exposure to sunlight. The primatic shade glass, wavy in appearance, was manufactured in the US by the Holophane Company.