About The Dobbin Group

Founded in 1978, The Dobbin Group owns & manages commercial properties in the Kensington area of Calgary while partnering on multiple mixed-use commercial developments within the retail corridors of 10th Street and Kensington Road NW.

The Dobbin Group continues to grow its real estate portfolio and maintain a focus on strong community relationships. Located in the heart of Kensington, The Dobbin Group supports the growth and vision of this vibrant inner-city community through its support of the Kensington BRZ and community events.

Ongoing projects include rezoning and development in accordance with the City of Calgary’s new Area Rezoning Plans, Transit Oriented Development plan and Municipal Development Plan that focus on increasing established community density. 

Chris and Deborah Dobbin are joined by Mayor Al Duerr for the opening of The Dobbin House

Chris Dobbin, CEO

In 1978, Chris Dobbin bought 1130 Kensington Road and has since assembled, renovated, and built many more heritage style projects, which The Dobbin Group continues to own and manage today. The Dobbin Group has developed several large office, retail and industrial projects over the years including the Sunridge Professional Centre and Park Place Mall.

Chris was instrumental in organizing the landowners in 1985 to put in street lamps, street furniture and trees, helping Kensington along with its distinctive “Old World” culture.

Our Tenants

Our tenants are some of the most recognized retailers in Kensington and include Deville Coffee, Higher Ground, Kensington Pub, Manana and many others.