The Starbucks Building

Posted on Aug 26, 2013

1122 Kensington Road NW

Originally named the Arnell Block, then the Hillhurst Block, this building is currently referred to as The Starbucks Building after our long-time tenant. ┬áThis historic building hosts a ‘vintage style’ main floor front entrance with wood windows. The second floor is office space for further tenants.






Building History

Completed in 1911 at an estimated cost of $3,500, this Edwardian commercial structure was originally named for its owner, Yorshire-born John Smith, who died the year it was built. Early businesses in the Smith Block, such as the Hillhurst Confectionary and Ice Cream Parlor (1921-32), the Model Meat Market (1926-28) and the Hillhurst Shoe Hospital (1930-52), reflected the quiet, working-class character of the neighbourhood they served.

Walt Healy, whose landmark motorcycle dealership on Tenth Street NW later made him a household name in Calgary, lived in one of the upstairs apartments in 1934-35. The building was renamed the Hillhurst GBlock after Alma Smith, John’s widow, sold it in 1925.