Welcome to our little corner of Kensington!

Founded in 1978, The Dobbin Group owns several commercial properties in the Kensington shopping district of Calgary, Alberta while partnering on multiple mixed-use commercial developments within the retail corridors of 10th Street and Kensington Road NW.

The Dobbin Group is pleased to be fully leased at this time!

All of our properties are currently leased. Please check back for new rental opportunities.

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 Featured Tenant: Welcome Deville Coffee!

Deville is a group of coffee crafters & baked goods dreamers. The company has been serving communities since 2008, growing across Alberta and BC. Locally owned by people who live in the communities we operate, Deville works with a talented team to source, roast, and serve our customers.

Brewing only direct trade coffee beans, the lattes and espresso drinks have been carefully crafted by hand since day one, with ingredients like organic vanilla, and house-made chocolate ganache. Deville’s pastries are delivered daily by the city’s best bakeries, and a menu of fresh, creative, sandwiches and goods round out the menu in our cafes.



About The Dobbin Group

Our Properties

We own several unique buildings in the very heart of Kensington. Our heritage buildings and newer developments are clustered on the NW corner of 10A Street and Kensington Road an feature the often photographed, iconic Deville Coffee Building, Kensington Pub and Higher Ground building.

To learn about our buildings, read more here…

Our Tenants

Our tenants are some of the most recognized retailers in Kensington and include Deville Coffee, Higher Ground, Kensington Pub, Manana and many others.  Meet our tenants …

Our Team

We’re ready and happy to help you with your media inquires and questions. Come on over to the sunny side of the street! Meet our team…

Our Projects, Past & Present

The Dobbin Group has been involved with several notable redeveloment projects in Kensington including the rezoning of the Carpenter’s Hall (now The Kensingtion) and the Memorial Drive Project (now being built-out by Anthem). Learn about our past projects here.

Our Blog

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