The Dobbin Group is proud to present a new rezoning application for 13 lots on Memorial Drive adjacent to the Kensington Inn. This development is intended to create a new residential building with strong historical inspiration and massing appropriate for the Kensington area while addressing shared lane-way pressures and traffic concerns. This rezoning seeks two tiered density bonussing based upon MC-2 and MH-1 zoning with an ARP amendment to include the site in the ARP’s “mid-rise low density” or new “high density” areas as a reflection of our commitment to an end-build that embraces the design and scope of the ARP.


This property falls within 2 TOD areas: the Sunnyside Station and 9th Street Station and backs onto all commercial buildings that face Kensington Road. The low-rise (4 storey) intended build will be massed and scaled appropriately for the area and adjacent buildings.



We have successfully rezoned this property and the new owners are moving forward with developing the lands. Watch Anthem Property’s website for project details here:


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