The City of Calgary approved the new Complete Streets guide in November 2014.  “The purpose of Complete Streets is to create more liveable neighbourhoods and to encourage people to travel by foot, bicycle and transit. Complete Streets will improve both measurable and perceived safety, provide attractive streetscapes, provide transportation options, improve universal accessibility, promote economic well-being of both businesses and residents, and increase civic space.” – City of Calgary, Complete Streets website page


4. The purpose of this policy is:

a. To improve safety and accessibility for all road users. It provides comprehensive guidelines to The City of Calgary staff and the development industry on how to incorporate Complete Streets concepts into the planning (including engagement), design and construction of new streets, and
reconstruction of existing streets. These guidelines better accommodate pedestrians, cyclists, street trees, and low-impact development while striving to maintain existing right-of-way requirements; and

b. To create liveable neighborhoods by encouraging people to travel by walking, cycling, and taking transit. It will enhance the safety and security of streets for all users, promote attractive streetscapes, provide transportation options, reduce the total amount of paved lanes, promote the economic well-being of both businesses and residents, and increase civic space.

Complete Streets Policy


From the report “Complete Communities”

Applying this policy to established and new communities alike, to evaluate and rank development applications, target City infrastructure dollars and build better communities (new or revitalizing) will affect our City and our street-level parks, transportation, businesses, buildings and community participation opportunities.

Looking at how to include more transit modes into street settings is an important step in creating a better living environment for every citizen. How it plays out in re-development and green-space development is yet to be seen. As a guide for increased multi-modal transportation, this policy is a step in the  right direction and the author looks forward to seeing the results through changes in Transportation Planning assessment and approval conditions for new developments.

To learn more about complete streets, read the Complete Streets Policy (TP021) and Guide (PDF) from the City of Calgary.

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