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Founded in 1978, The Dobbin Group owns several commercial properties in the Kensington shopping district of Calgary, Alberta while partnering on multiple mixed-use commercial developments within the retail corridors of 10th Street and Kensington Road NW.



We have retail space available for Lease Jan 1, 2019
1,000 SF in the heart of Kensington, find out more here.


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Filtering, an alternative to “Gentrification”

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Filtering, an alternative to “Gentrification”

Gentrification is defined by Wikipedia as “A process of renovation and revival of deteriorated urban neighborhoods by means of influx of more affluent residents, which results in increased property values and the displacing of lower-income families and small businesses.” (more…)

What Affects Commercial Lease Rates?

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What Affects Commercial Lease Rates?

During public engagement on most redevelopment projects, the issue of ‘ever increasing’ commercial lease rates is a common discussion topic. To state that profitability is the only driving factor behind commercial lease rates is inaccurate: many factors affect the market-offered rates. (more…)

A Beautiful Finish in Kensington

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A Beautiful Finish in Kensington

With the leaves falling and the sun warming our sunny little piece of Kensington, it reminds me I had intended to write a most sincere letter of thanks as the BRZ Streetscape Chair and as a landlord in the area to those involved in our construction in the area.  (more…)

When Policies Don’t Change: The Problem with TOD

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When Policies Don’t Change: The Problem with TOD

When a great deal of effort and thought are put into a policy document, there is a collective sigh of relief when it is complete. Something excellent and clear has been crafted out of chaos and good intentions, and it should be honored and utilized. However, it should also continue to grow and change as it is applied. (more…)

Main Streets – Early Adopters

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Main Streets – Early Adopters

Over the last 18 months the City of Calgary has been conducting engagement sessions to explore a new concept in zoning and transit oriented development for implementation of a Main Streets approach to growth and development. Under the Main Streets initiative, the City is working with residents, business and transit users to explore the impact this approach will have on development of areas identified as Main Streets. (more…)

Zero-Footprint Mixed-Use is Achievable

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The call to ‘get greener’ is getting louder, however incremental changes, although more implementable and digestible, are not adding up to the solution that is needed. With carbon impact to date being irreversible [1], what we do today when building new structures and communities will affect every generation that follows. The need to change is weighty and imminent. Builders and developers have a unique opportunity to impact communities, the environment and generations to come with the buildings they design and build. Few other things are intended to last 50, 100 or more years and interact with citizens throughout that time. What an excellent foundation for change! (more…)

Established-Communities Enjoying a Renaissance

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This excellent Globe & Mail article highlights Kensington, but many of our vibrant inner-city areas are similarly experiencing a re-surge in building and commercial interest. With increased activity, it’s important for developers to stay abreast of nearby developments, community concerns and business balance. (more…)

A Rezoning & Heritage Preservation Success Story

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CaptureIt is with pride that we announce after two years of public & stakeholder engagement, on Monday, March 9, our Memorial Drive Rezoning was unanimously approved at Council. This rezoning allows a 4 storey development with a 2.5 FAR (floor area ratio) that will result in 75-100 new residential units on the site in a low-rise building. The loss of 13 character homes on the site is offset by the Municipal Heritage Designation of two prominent commercial buildings in Kensington Shopping District. (more…)

Creating Community Attachment

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Attachment to a community is an important factor in where we choose to live. An interesting US survey by Knight Foundation and Gallop highlighted the three most
important factors for community
(in ranked order):

  1. Social Offerings – meeting places, nightlife, arts & cultural opportunities, community events, and general connectedness and the feeling of caring within the community
  2. Openness – how welcoming a community is to all participants
  3. Aesthetics – the overall beauty of the community space including access to parks (more…)

Complete Streets YYC

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The City of Calgary approved the new Complete Streets guide in November 2014.  “The purpose of Complete Streets is to create more liveable neighbourhoods and to encourage people to travel by foot, bicycle and transit. Complete Streets will improve both measurable and perceived safety, provide attractive streetscapes, provide transportation options, improve universal accessibility, promote economic well-being of both businesses and residents, and increase civic space.” – City of Calgary, Complete Streets website page (more…)